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Aug 22, 2021 8:21 AM

Al Haddad Motors recently launched the first ever overseas Topaz Detailing branch. Established in the UK Topaz Detailing is the world s most exclusive detailing and paint protection film specialist handling...

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Al Haddad Motors recently launched the first ever overseas Topaz Detailing branch. Established in the UK, Topaz Detailing is the world's most exclusive detailing and paint protection film specialist, handling the largest volume of supercars anywhere in the world.

The state-of-the-art Topaz Bahrain showroom was bespoke designed jointly with Topaz UK & Al Haddad Motors Management to fulfill both the Topaz UK Corporate Identity standards, and incorporating additional design features taking into account the Bahrain & GCC Market specific challenges. Once designed, the facility development was completed by Al Haddad Construction. Al Haddad Construction recently handed over the facility to the Al Haddad Board Members during the unveiling of the Topaz showroom in Tubli.

Topaz Detailing Bahrain offers a total car care solution package that incorporates everything from enhancement and protection plus general maintenance to home materials for household car care programs. Topaz Detailing Bahrain features state of the art facilities with some of the most skilled detailers and paint protection film installers in the region, trained both on site in Bahrain and at the Topaz UK facility in London by the generally perceived best Paint Protection specialists in the world.

“Al Haddad Motors is very proud to be the first ever Topaz Premium Detailing branch outside of the UK, and to be offering not only the Bahrain clientele but also clients from all over the region top quality total car care solutions.”, said Mr. Warren Hudson, General Manager of Al Haddad Motors, “Topaz detailing is renowned for its detailing services and almost all supercar owners and fans are familiar with the brand. Topaz Detailing has been a top contender in the industry for several years and is always improving and introducing new technologies and techniques in the vehicle detailing world, Topaz Bahrain will now also offer such products and services.”

Topaz Detailing aims to help car owners maintain and enhance the appearance of their vehicles to get the optimal visual outcome that their vehicle can provide, and you the client deserve.

For more information regarding Topaz Detailing Bahrain, kindly call +973 17 782210 and visit us on


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