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Exhibition “Scent of the Past” on display at Harbour Gate

Aug 26, 2021 8:37 AM

Harbour Gate presents a new exhibition under its popular series Art at the Harbour . The fifth edition of the year features artist Ameena Al Aidi with the art display Scent of the Past . Ameena Al Aidi...

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Harbour Gate presents a new exhibition under its popular series “Art at the Harbour”. The fifth edition of the year features artist Ameena Al Aidi with the art display “Scent of the Past”.

Ameena Al Aidi is a Bahraini artist from Muharraq. Her work is inspired by the Bahraini heritage, from old houses and doors, to souqs, shops, dhows and the seashore. “I draw inspiration for my paintings from the world around me and the local Bahraini everyday life. I love including vibrant colours in my work as they convey happiness and bring a smile to whoever is looking at them”, says Ameena.

Ameena gravitate towards realistic paintings and also includes her own style that doesn’t belong to any particular style of art in some of her work. She chooses different styles to suit the painting and the story behind it. In some of her work, she also includes Arabic calligraphy to reflect the association of language to heritage.

She adds, “I learned the basics of oil painting under the mentorship of artist and calligrapher Fuad Mandi. He supervised my work and gave me constant encouragement and advice that made me want to keep going forward in this field. It was because of his guidance that I had my first exhibition “From Bahrain” at Harbour Gate in 2017 and 2018.”

After graduating, Ameena studied Educational Arts at the University of Bahrain. She completed a course in the basics of acrylics at the Bahrain Arts Society, as well as a course in Arabic calligraphy. In 2013, she participated in Nasser Bin Hamad International Youth Creativity Award and won the 3rd place. She also participated in several exhibitions in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

The “Art at the Harbour” series runs in its fifth year at Harbour Gate. “Scent of the Past” is the 48th exhibition under the umbrella of this series. It is on display till September 9 and located on the ground floor at Harbour Gate within Bahrain Financial Harbour, easily accessible from King Faisal Highway. Visitor parking is available. Harbour Gate is open daily and entry to the exhibition is free. All COVID-19 precautionary measures are implemented for the safety of visitors.


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